Dear Mr. Fantasy

Dear Mr. Fantasy [Apr 2015]

My brother Rick passed away March 24, 2015, in Calgary, at the age of 60, after a long struggle with cancer. He met this struggle with courage and humour, and through it all, he never lost his love for music.

If you know me, you likely know that I enjoy playing guitar. But, you may not know, that does not make me unique in my family. My older brothers, Dave and Rick, both learned to play guitar many years before I did. They were my first guitar heroes. Among my earliest memories is watching and hearing their bands practice in the garage or basement, and even perform once or twice on local television. The line-ups of those bands, with fitting names such as The System and Fields of Illusion, also included their friend Greg Kinzel on drums.

With their inspiration and encouragement, I eventually took up guitar as well, though I was too young to join their band. I probably became a lead guitarist because Rick’s Les Paul Jr.—through his Ampeg amp—was the easiest to hear.

This version of Traffic’s 1967 classic, “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” was created expressly as a tribute to Rick. Not only was it a favourite song by one of his favourite bands, it is also one of the last songs he and I ever jammed together. I will think of him whenever I play it.

Aside from Craig’s and my contributions, this song features my brother Dave on acoustic guitar and Greg Kinzel on drums (recorded by Greg’s son Roger). Thanks to them for bringing the genuine Spirit of ’67.

As you listen to the song, consider donating to a charity that means something to you in Rick’s memory.

With deepest condolences to Rick’s wife, Kathy Fedori, and their two sons, Spencer and Julian.

Photo from the Buck family collection (The System playing the opening of the Willow Park-Maple Ridge Community Centre, summer 1967. Left to right: Dave Buck, Greg Kinzel, Jim Rodgers, John Willett, Rick Buck.)




Dedicated to Rick Buck (1954–2015)

Words & music by Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood & Chris Wood
Recorded by Peter Buck, Craig Konyu, Dave Buck & Roger Kinzel
Produced by Peter Buck
Released April 2015

The vocals: Craig Konyu
The backing: Peter Buck & Craig Konyu
The electric: Peter Buck
The acoustic: Dave Buck
The bass: Peter Buck
The keys: Peter Buck
The shaker: Peter Buck
The drums: Greg Kinzel

Special thanks to Dave Buck, Greg Kinzel & Roger Kinzel for contributing to this project.


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