Pact [May 2015]

Pact? Fortunately, Peter and I aren’t righting a conflict, and we hardly need a formal agreement. Ours was of a friendly variety: could we, the two of us, record and release a new song every month for three years? Life. Work. Hangovers. Taxes. Lots gets in the way. But, a deal’s a deal.

Photo by Chris Matteis




Words & music by Craig Konyu
Recorded & produced by Peter Buck & Craig Konyu
Released May 1, 2015

The vocals: Craig Konyu
The backing: Craig Konyu & Peter Buck
The acoustic: Craig Konyu & Peter Buck
The electric: Peter Buck
The bass: Peter Buck
The shaker: Craig Konyu
The handclaps: Craig Konyu
The tambo: Craig Konyu


It won’t happen again.
She said with a grin.
As I held up her chin.

She just wasn’t herself.
When the last hand was dealt.
And she went for the win.

But, I saw the look in her eyes.
Reflecting the lies.
And the sweat on her skin.


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