At Loggerheads

Yukon Cigar [Humidor - At Loggerheads]

It takes loads of oil and water to raise cattle. Every few minutes, a mammoth-sized piece of rainforest is destroyed for soy cultivation. So, who’s right, the carnivores or the herbivores? (This is just one off-hand example.) Point is, you can argue till you’re blue in the face. Until your point of view trumps the other. But, often, a sweeter villain lay in walking away with a tightened grip on what you believe.

Photo by Craig Konyu




Words & music by Craig Konyu
Recorded & produced by Peter Buck & Craig Konyu
Released March 1, 2015

The vocals: Craig Konyu
The backing: Craig Konyu & Peter Buck
The acoustic: Craig Konyu & Peter Buck
The electric: Peter Buck
The bass: Peter Buck
The accordion: Steve Denyszyn
The drums: Johann Burkhardt


Writ not in the spirit
Of changing one’s views
But for the lack of power to do so
While heads and arms
Of mutton heroes shovel
Spoonfuls into proudest bellies.

More wood upon the fire.

Across the forest
Lumberjacks go snubbing
All boundary lines of bliss
No I were you
Or you were me
And something else was this.

It’s steak at dinnertime.


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