Surf It Black

Yukon Cigar [Humidor - Surf It Black]

Surfing on Lake Huron? I was planning a visit to long-time pal Bill Harper’s in Kincardine in 2003. As always, music was high on the agenda, so I invited Craig along. I dig the Stones, and I dig surf instrumentals. During a pre-jam jam, the three of us concocted this lo-fi beauty. It’s been a live staple for Yukon Cigar (and our 3SS band, even earlier) ever since. Hang 10, Mick and Keef! PB

Photo by Craig Konyu




Music by Jagger/Richards (Arranged by Peter Buck, Craig Konyu & Bill Harper)
Recorded & produced by Peter Buck & Craig Konyu
Released June 1, 2014

The acoustic: Craig Konyu
The electric: Peter Buck
The bass: Peter Buck
The keys: Steve Denyszyn
The drums: Andy Mitchell
The tambourine: Craig Konyu