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Rancho: Matt Cooke, Luke Robertson, Yukon Cigar

Posted by Dan Wolovick (allevents.in)
March 14, 2012

Starting the night is Yukon Cigar. Sometimes the band describes their tunes better than I ever could, this is one of those times: “With rugged, flickering melodies and thinking lyrics, the band has a decidedly “northern” feel. And, described by some as “dock music,” it forms a fine soundtrack to a drive through cottage country, an epic canoe trip, or being lost in the woods for days on end.”


Radar: The Violet Lights, Yukon Cigar, The Autumn Stones

Posted by Jason Steidman (BlogTO)
February 22, 2012

An interesting lineup of music tonight at The Garrison! Silverlake, California’s The Violet Lights are tonight’s headliner, and their debut EP, “Sex and Sound” is a very produced collection of ‘garagey,’ alt-pop tunes that will remind you of everything from the Velvets to Weezer. Supporting on tonight’s bill are Yukon Cigar in a stripped down format, with two band members representing and delivering the goods, plus The Autumn Stones: a TO-based alt/dream pop kind of band that cites The Smiths and Echo & The Bunnymen as influences. Should be a good one! The Garrison (1197 Dundas Street West) 8:30PM $6.


NXNE 2009: Yukon Cigar

Posted by Robin Sharp (BlogTO)
June 19, 2009

I’m checking out Yukon Cigar tonight at Mitzi’s Sister (an NXNE show)… because I like their name.

I downloaded a Yukon Cigar song named ‘Hello Soul’ on CBC Radio 3 in 2007 not because I knew the bassist, not because I’d ever heard of them before (they were brand new), and it wasn’t because I trusted the ceeb implicitly either. I listened to Yukon Cigar because I like the Yukon, and I like Cigars (on occasion), so I should probably like this band. And I do.

Founded in 2007 as a side project by Craig Konyu, Yukon Cigar has developed a cult following despite their limited output. They’ve played NXNE a few times, they’ve performed a series of popular ‘all cover songs’ nights at Quigley’s Pub & Bistro (which sound a lot of fun actually), but they haven’t recorded anything since their five song E.P. in the spring of 07.

An alternative pop-rock band, they sound like… sitting on the edge of cottage dock on a Sunday evening, where you can smell mashed potatoes and refried bacon being cooked behind you. They sound like a bonfire dying out at 4am on a Friday, when half of your friends have already fallen asleep.

They’re playing tonight at midnight at Mitzi’s Sister (1554 Queen St. West), a bar that has signed up for a late night liquor license. If you can’t make it to a bonfire this evening do the next best thing; come to Mitzi’s Sister, see Yukon Cigar, and then hang out there till 4am.


Is NXNE the new SXSW?

Posted by guardian.co.uk
June 16, 2008

Three nights at NXNE. That’s right. It’s in Canada…

Is the mark of a good festival the feeling at the end that you wished you’d caught more bands? In the instance of North By Northeast, that meant Permanent Bastards, Whiteboy Slim, Calm Down It’s Monday, Yukon Cigar and Shit La Merde, that last a nod to Canada’s multilingualism. Not that there seemed to be a particular buzz about any of these at NXNE, but an intriguing name is as good as any come-on when faced with over 400 acts in the course of three nights.


From The Basement: Yukon Cigar

Posted by mp3this.blogspot.com
May 27, 2007

Here comes Yukon Cigar. I doubt they make cigars in the Yukon but I know their gold is nice, and these guys sound like gold. The band assembled in early 2007 to record at a Toronto studio. The songs are more like stories; take “Hello Soul” for example, where centre man Craig Konyu pleads to “sip New Orleans of its soul” through his soup. I hope it’s potato soup, because that’s what I had last night. The EP, titled Spooning Noises is out now, and maybe upon reading this, CJAM 91.5 fm will get a copy in it’s mailbox for us to play!


New Music Canada: Track of the Day

Posted by Craig Norris (CBC Radio 3)
May 30, 2007

New Music Canada Track of the Day for May 30th, 2007: Yukon Cigar “Hello Soul”

I think that I’ve expounded before about how I always start listening to the NMC weekly adds based on their name. Intrigued by the name Yukon Cigar (and assuming that it just has to be a euphemism) I promptly hit the link to give it a listen.

The first line in the bio hit me: “My name is Craig”. Whoa. Trippy. Obviously, I was meant to find and present this song to you.

“Hello Soul” will get your summer started right. Called “dock music” by some, and Craig Konyu thinks that “presumably, these tunes are best enjoyed with beer.” Yukon Cigar’s 5 song EP Spooning Noise From A Moose In A Jar (hopefully another euphemism) was recorded and mixed in about 40 hours. The result is an organic, immediate collection of songs. If you don’t have a dock, your front stoop will do (not a euphemism).


Yukon Cigar at Chemical Sound

Posted by Chemical Sound (chemicalsound.com)
February 2007

Craig Konyu of Yukon Cigar is one of the nicest people we know—and his music is great too. We’re proud to document his unique style of psych-folk.



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