Yukon Cigar was lit in 2005. The idea? To take an earthy, hushed songwriting style and set it on fire. Rehearsals were had, and a recording session at Toronto’s Chemical Sound ensued. The resulting digital-only demo, Spooning Noise From A Moose In A Jar, was released in May 2007.


Yukon Cigar [Humidor - Logo]


Over the years, YC has played top Toronto clubs—Cameron House, Castro’s Lounge, C’est What, El Mocambo, Rancho Relaxo—and the awesome NXNE festival. A follow-up EP, Apostrophe Catastrophe, was released in May 2011.




With Craig Konyu (rhythm guitar and vocal) and Peter Buck (lead guitar) at the heart, a rotating cast strengthens the pulse. With countless songs—and some fun spinoff projects—in the fire, here lies the promise of sweet sing-alongs to come.



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