The Shreddies Song


Melodically, I remember exactly how it went down. It was “any old rehearsal” when Steve hammered out the fuelling refrain; followed by a verse component and an arrangement from me; then, over to Peter for that decidedly punk power. Lyrically, I can’t recall a thing. It sounds like a response to reading the news. Apparently, over breakfast. But, don’t mind the ingredients. Just make “Shreddies” part of your daily musical diet.

Photo by Craig Konyu




Words by Craig Konyu / Music by Craig Konyu, Steve Denyszyn & Peter Buck
Recorded & produced by Peter Buck & Craig Konyu
Released August 1, 2015

The vocals: Craig Konyu
The backing: Craig Konyu & Peter Buck
The electric: Peter Buck
The bass: Peter Buck
The keys: Steve Denyszyn & Peter Buck
The drums: Johann Burkhardt
The tambourine: Craig Konyu


Dust off your mind. Pull up a chair.
Throw all of the thickness of thought in the air.
The whole world is down. Now you may stand.
Hold all of the thickness of thought in your hand.

Diamond eyes cut. Never may heal.
Bleed all of the thickness of thought that you feel.
When night is cold. Freeze up the dream.
Live all of the thickness of thought that’s ever been.

Will chaos end? Clean up this mess?
Write all of the thickness of thought in poems of sense?
The simple chirp. Of calling birds.
Join all of the thickness of thought of distant worlds.


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