Little Leaf

Yukon Cigar [Humidor - Little Leaf]

What began as a murky musing—on the perils of ego and shortsightedness—became a crystal-clear musical vision befitting the Summer of ’67. And perhaps Buddha, whose wisdom points the way: “Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.” The only thing missing is a sitar. CK

Photo by Peter Buck




Words & music by Craig Konyu
Recorded & produced by Peter Buck & Craig Konyu
Released October 1, 2014

The vocals: Craig Konyu
The backing: Craig Konyu
The acoustic: Craig Konyu & Peter Buck
The electric: Peter Buck
The organ: Peter Buck
The bass: Peter Buck
The djembe: Craig Konyu


Cigarette-stained tongue.
Blow all smoke and fire.
You can stone your love.
But, don’t deny her.
Beguiled and frightened.
By the worlds of liars.

You’ll find the comfort that you seek.
Little leaf.

Take this holy cow.
Trade for tougher skin.
Chew upon those works.
But, dare to spit ‘em.
You’re a bull’s eye.
When you stop and listen.

You’ll find the answers that you seek.
Little leaf.

You won’t find anything you need.
Little leaf.


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